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It’s been a very long time indeed. I never quite abandoned this blog, even as I didn’t write in it. I procrastinated and felt guilty about not posting on it, but didn’t consider giving it up completely.

My time inworld has been about the same as it’s been for some time--I wake on Sunday with my beloved CyFishy and we spend about an hour together. Minimal, but not a complete departure as far too many of our friends have done. Most of the time we would go to a movie theater that played episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. However, there seems to be a glitch in the projector so that it only plays when there’s a host to monitor it and our schedules don’t have room to go during one of the designated screenings.

Lately, we’ve been exploring by digging through our oldest landmarks and checking to see if they still work or not. Some we already know won’t work--I’ve been systematically deleting all the iterations of Quantum Fields and Grizzy’s Cafe as I go. Others are a roll of the dice. Many of them go nowhere--islands that have vanished into nothingness. Others go somewhere, but it’s a somewhere that is rather different than the landmark advertises.

Sometimes it’s abandoned land.

Sometimes it’s somebody’s house.

And once in a while it’s the very thing the landmark states!

It’s been a fascinating exploration of the world and it will probably take months before we go through all the landmarks we’ve accumulated. If I find something especially interesting, I may write about it here.
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My duties as the early shift hostess at Grizzy's Cafe tend to vary because Grizzy prefers to have some variety with the events there. Most weeks, I'll be at the main dancefloor, dressed in the theme of the evening, but some weeks I'll be down by the water for fishing or up on the roof for skating.

I still have the same Skoopf skates that I picked up way back when I was first finding my way around SL. You can tell these things are pre-sculpties and how!

I spent quite a bit of my evening digging around and retexturing the things to match my outfit.

. . . but I still missed some spots.

On my fabulous radar screen (I keep it handy in my hostess supplies, because it's always good to know when people are about so you can greet them properly) I detected someone wandering about. A little Viewer 2 voodoo and I was looking at the profile of a freshly rezzed newbie. I cameraed down to have a look and found this lost soul a-wandering.

His name was AngelKlarion Winterwolf and he was apparently dialing in from Buenos Aires. I offered him a teleport to come upstairs, but he didn't take it, so I decided to go down and meet him. He told me wanted to learn how to dance. There was a pair of danceballs handy, so I hopped on the pink one and coaxed him into hopping on the blue one. The resultant dance was a ballet arrangement. And me still with my skates on.

Only in Second Life.

Grizzy was understanding when she arrived and I was downstairs instead of up on the roof. Angel departed soon after, so we resumed our skating upstairs and Grizzy sat on the wall to work out the schedule. The Me had other matters to attend to, so I took my leave at six and I'll have to remember to take my skates off when I rez back in again.
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Last week was my first hostess hift at Grizzy's in my capacity as Corporal Thursday of the Army of Bunnies.

It doesn't change as much as you'd think. I'm still dancing, still saying hello to people and Steve the cat is still wandering about near my feet, only I'm doing it all in a bunny suit. And occasionally answering questions along the line of "What's with the bunny suit?" We got a few new recruits by the end of the evening.

My employer, Grizzy Griswold, has taken to bunnydom with surprising ease. She's normally a little more modest than this, but, then, she also wore showgirl outfits for several weeks as a Relay for Life fundraiser.

General Wonder dropped by for an inspection of the troops as it got dark outside.

She also allowed one of the Privates to break rank and wear a different color than pink in order to have a little more color variety in our group shot.

(I swear next time I'll take names so I can caption these properly!)

Once my shift was over (I work the first hour until Kedawen Darrow drops in and takes over), Cy dropped by (he doesn't want to distract me when I'm working) and we had a delightful time dancing together. It was big band swing night on the music stream which added to the romance.

One week later and I've already ascended to the rank of Captain. Bunny Army Recruitment Night is again tonight (Thursday) at Grizzy's Cafe and I'll be there with my bunnysuit on.
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Once upon a time, there was an alt named Cynthia Wonder. She incarnated into Second Life, as alts do, because her original persona had accumulated too many expectations and her operator just wanted to be somebody else for a while.

(Obviously, I'm familiar with that impulse, because that's roughly how I came to be, myself.)

Cynthia's operator didn't particularly want to buy an entire new wardrobe on top of everything else, so Cynthia availed herself of the Deluxe Bunnysuit for sale at the marvelous Curio Obscura, which provided Cynthia with a simple, well crafted and admittedly sexy outfit in a wide range of colors.

Cynthia wore nothing but the bunnysuit (except on Halloween, when she reportedly wore a business suit) as she wandered Second Life and found herself accumulating a new set of expectations. And somewhere along the line, she found herself the general of the Army of Bunnies, a Group devoted to, well, female avies wearing bunnysuits.

Why? Why not? Surely Second Life has seen sillier things about.

When I found out about it I thought, what the heck, sign me up. It'll give me an excuse for a fun outfit to wear at my hostess shift at Grizzy's Cafe. Next thing I know, my Thursday night (when else?) early shift at Grizzy's has become Bunny Invasion night and I've already been promoted to Corporal for my small part in making it happen.

CyFishy has been invited to join in, and might do at some point, but right now he seems to be solidly male and has no immediate urges to shift back to female, as he would need to do in order to fulfill the duties of a Bunny Army soldier. Nothing's been ruled out, though.

I will be providing pictures soon, probably from my hostess shift tonight. I show up at 5:00 PM SLT to hold down the fort until the regular hostess shows up around 6:00 PM. Do a Search on "Grizzy's Cafe" and you should find it, if you'd like to say hello.
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I missed my own rezday. Again.

It was last Sunday--I was, in fact, in world with CyFishy, but the fact that it was my rezday slipped our collective mind until a few days later when we were dancing at Grizzy's Cafe and somebody mentioned their rezday was coming up. "Oh, right," I thought, "Mine's coming up too, isn't it . . . oh, crap, it's already been and gone!"

Cy suggested to me that this is not such a terrible thing, since Cy's first rezday had been seared into memory by a heartbreaking decision that was made that very night. I pointed out that Cy's rezday (8-8) also has the advantage of being memorable by its symmetry. Cy noted that my rezday (10-4) also has a mnemonic of sorts attached to it and perhaps we can keep it in mind for next year. We haven't done a proper celebration for this year, though a belated one is still a possibility.

So I'm two. Two doesn't seem like much in the physical world, but given this is a world where the elder statesmen are no more than six, perhaps two is older than it first appears. I am a year and two months younger than CyFishy and it's quite likely that my very existence was birthed from the trauma that marked Cy's first rezday. It's been quite the two years--while my first stumbling steps were eased by having Cy's previous experience to draw upon, the trajectory of my path took a subtly different turn.

For a while, I had an apartment of my own and paid for it with the tips I got while hostessing at Quantum, to prove that I could be self-sustaining. Since we didn't want to risk crashing, Cy would stay out of the world on those nights (which led to some odd moments when people discovered the nature of my relationship with Cy) and I would be left to my own devices to figure out who I was.

Alas, I had to quit that job due to The Me needing to devote time and energy to other matters and even though the necessary time has once again been freed up, I haven't been successful in getting my old job back. Cy assures me that it's not a problem, splits his weekly stipend with me and deeded his land to a Group set up for both of us so I truly have a place to call Home. Compared to changing my clothes in Noob Condos, as I did when I first arrived, it's absolute paradise.

Some avies don't pay much attention to rezdays, but I think they can serve the same purpose that birthdays to in the physical world--a chance to look back over the journey from one's point of origin and see how far one has come. I'm rather looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.
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Had I been a little bit older, I could have been called Possibility.

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[personal profile] puppetmaker was gracious enough to pass an invite code on to The Me and after much pondering, The Me decided to pass it in my direction. My beloved CyFishy is already on LiveJournal and it seemed it would have been a touch odd for us to be in a position where we could comment on one another's journals. (To say nothing of the fact that the free options on LiveJournal have . . . diminished somewhat.)

I already have a blog of sorts via BlogHUD, but I wanted a place where I could ramble in more detail, since the notecard method on BlogHUD gets a bit glitchy if one writes too much.

My perspective here will be from the Immersionist point of view. The line between self and second self on CyFishy's journal is a bit blurrier, understandably, but here I plan to keep it cleanly defined, since there are already a number of places on the Internet for The Me to talk about herself.

I do have quite a few adventures to speak of, but for now I simply wanted to establish my place in the blogiverse. And thank you for reading, whosoever you are.


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